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  • Validity: 5 years (every year you need to do the yearly extension)

Working Kitas is for Foreigners who plan to work and earn money in Indonesia or obtain income in Indonesia have to apply for a work permit prior to their arrival. This is a bureaucratic procedure that involves the Ministry of Manpower as well as several immigration offices. Should be sponsoring by company (PT at least in Medium Size or PMA).

Having a temporary stay permit (KITAS), also known as a working visa or working KITAS, is one of the necessities when working in Indonesia. On the contrary to a spouse-sponsored KITAS or a retirement KITAS, a work KITAS must be sponsored by an Indonesian company (an individual sponsorship is not allowed).

The length of each working KITAS is based on job positions commonly ranging from six to 12 months, and it goes hand in hand with a Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit (MERP).

The KITAS is valid 5 years, but every year you need to do the yearly extension. No need to go out of this country to arrange yearly extension. We will arrange it to Immigration Office after the payment.

Zando is able to assist you during the preparation and the application process for both work permit and work visa.

  • Since the day we start to apply, it’s will be take minimum 8-12 weeks to arrange the Telex or Calling Visa. After that you can pick up the Working visa in Indonesia Embassy in which country you want to pick up. The pick up point you should tell to us when you start to apply it.
  • The process time could be more than 12 weeks if there is some system trouble in Labour Government Department or in Jakarta Immigration.
  • Please pay attention about the expiry date of your visa during your Kitas application
  • After you pick up the Working visa and arrive again in Bali, please in the next day bring the original passport with the visa inside to our office for the next step to arrange the Kitas card, and multiple re-entry exit permit in Immigration office Bali. Its take approximately 6 weeks. You need to wait for the schedule to take a picture and finger prints in Immigration Office.
  • You should be arrive in Bali (if the company you work is in Bali) after pick up your working visa in embassy. Otherwise you have to pay other IDR 500.000 for Immigration Mutation (Immigration stamp).
  • As a KITAS holder, anytime you need to go in/out Indonesia, you need to have permission from Immigration. The explanation will be appear in the PRICE Columns (MERP/ Multiple Re-entry Permit).
  • The documents of Business License (PT or PMA)
  • Mandatory Manpower Report online (Wajib Lapor Tenaga Kerja Online)
  • Copy ID of the Director
  • 10 pieces of Letter Head of the PT or PMA
  • Stamp of the PT or PMA
  • Photograph 3x4 with red background = 7 pcs
  • Photograph 4x6 with white/light grey background = 2 pcs
  • Photograph 4x6 with red background = 2 pcs
  • Copy of passport minimum validity 13 months
  • Copy policy of your Personal Insurance
  • Copy color of Graduation Certificate from university
  • CV ( Curriculum Vitae )
  • Work Experiences
  • COST:
  • Working Visa + MERP + Indonessian Embassy Fee : IDR 18.500.000
  • Exit Permit Only (EPO)d : IDR 1.000.000 ( for cancellation of the KITAS )
  • DPKK Tax ( If not an Investor ) : USD 1200
  • Do the payment in advance
  • Extra:
  • Express Service for Kitas card Arrangement in Immigration Office : IDR 3.000.000 ( for 2 weeks done)
  • Yearly extension should be arranged minimum 2 months before expiry date of the KITAS
  • One (1) Foreigner Employee / Ten (10) Local Employee in the company (The Local Employees have active ID card and BPJS Registered (Ketenagakerjaan and Kesehatan) Under the responsibility by Company Name.
  • PT must be have Minimum Capital Rp,- / One (1) Foreigner Employee
  • PMA must be have Minimum Capital Rp
  • Agent cost if you apply from Indonesia Embassy in Singapore SGD $ 120 (Payment and appointment including the responsibility directly with the agent in Singapore)
  • For the EXTENSION the Kitas Holder have to register by SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal) from the Civil Department following their Kitas validity
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