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Investor KITAS

Investor KITAS

Another type of KITAS that also appeals to foreigners is Investor KITAS. Indonesian Investor KITAS offers major noteworthy benefits, including ease of application and waiver of work permit fee. With an Investor KITAS, foreign investors will no longer be required to pay a fee of USD 1,200 every year, if they meet all the investment requirements. Furthermore, once the initial investment has been poured, foreign investors can immediately start working in Indonesia.

  • Indonesian Investor KITAS can be categorised into two types:
  • Index 313: 1-year KITAS
  • Index 314: 2-year KITAS

To qualify for an Investor KITAS, foreign investors are required to have a minimum investment of IDR 1 billion in invested shares and the invested capital of the company has to be over IDR 10 billion. A newly established company will be able to sponsor the investors upon receiving the business registration number (Nomor Induk Berusaha – NIB) and business licenses (Izin Usaha). For businesses that are already up and running, necessary licenses can be applied directly through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system.

  • The process and the estimated will be same as the Work Visa
  • The documents of Business License (PT or PMA)
  • Copy ID of the Director
  • 10 pieces of Letter Head of the PT or PMA
  • Stamp of the PT or PMA
  • Copy ID/KTP and NPWP of local people from the company
  • Photograph 3x4 with red background = 7 pcs
  • Photograph 4x6 with white/light grey background = 2 pcs
  • Photograph 4x6 with red background = 2 pcs
  • Copy of passport minimum validity 13 months (1 year investor Kitas)
  • Copy of passport minimum validity 24 months ( 2 years investor Kitas)
  • Copy policy of your Personal Insurance
  • Copy of Last 3 months company bank account
  • COST:
  • Working Visa + MERP + Indonessian Embassy Fee : IDR 18.500.000
  • Exit Permit Only (EPO)d : IDR 1.000.000 ( for cancellation of the KITAS )
  • DPKK Tax ( If not an Investor ) : USD 1200
  • Do the payment in advance
  • Extra:
  • Express Service for Kitas card Arrangement in Immigration Office : IDR 3.000.000 ( for 2 weeks done)
  • So far for the extension the investor kitas only issued only for 1 year validity
  • Yearly extension should be arranged minimum 2 months before expiry date of the KITAS
  • It is uncertain whether there will be new regulations regarding requirements and documents
  • Agent cost if you apply from Indonesia Embassy in Singapore SGD 400 (2 years investor Kitas) and SGD 280 (1 year investor Kitas) (Payment and appointment including the responsibility directly with the agent in Singapore)
  • For the EXTENSION the Kitas Holder have to register by SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal) from the Civil Department following their Kitas validity

The Procedure of Expatriate Work Permit

Important – Employment in Bali

The number of foreigners coming to Bali who fail to comply with the Indonesian regulations is increasing. Please note that requirements for a work permit, work visa in Bali, as well as the process of extension of visa, are the same everywhere in Indonesia.

Tourists coming to Bali are not exempt from the legal obligations, and they are not allowed to work without a valid work visa and work permit. Incomers should also pay higher attention when choosing a visa agent in Bali as they frequently become a subject to organised crime.

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